Why the flooring industry for a franchise business?

Today, a home improvement business can span from a painting company to home inspections and even flooring. It is hard to think of flooring as a lucrative and profitable home repair business, but the truth is, with a Floor Coverings International franchise, it can be.

You may be asking yourself, “Why Flooring?” The answer is surprisingly simple – it is an industry estimated at over $65B, highly fragmented, steadily growing with the home improvement sector and dominated by old world and antiquated business practices.

Think about it! Flooring is everywhere. It’s under your feet right now. Your home, your office, where you shop, and where you dine out all have floors, and each place has flooring in various states of wear – and all of it will eventually need to be replaced. While flooring will always need to be replaced, property owners are continuously seeking solutions that will meet the needs of their property. Sometimes it’s a budget that needs to be met, sometimes it’s a design need of a room, and sometimes there is a “wear and tear” issue that needs to be addressed. No matter the need of the property owner, the Floor Coverings International mobile flooring business platform offers a solution for everyone.

Why Franchising

When it comes to the home improvement industry, franchises are the way to go. The Floor Coverings International business model is recession proof, meaning that there is always a demand regardless of the economy. Our franchise model is different than any other because we have eliminated the need for a store, developed a team structure that is proven to work, and embraced a concept that is ideal as an executive franchise with plenty of room for expansion and growth.

A Floor Coverings International franchise is different than any other, not just in the flooring industry, but home improvement as a whole. We offer a savvy business model that proves to be a worthwhile investment for entrepreneurs, and we train and support our owners to help them get started.

A Boutique Experience

Floor Coverings International brings homeowners an international showcase in the comfort of their own home, inspiring their homes to be everything they can be. Whether it is stone from Turkey, cork from Portugal, wood from the forests of Brazil, or wool from New Zealand, our flooring business Design Associates help homeowners navigate the sea of confusing options, offering the perfect blend of products and services personalized to suit the tastes and style of their homes. Our flooring franchise’s personalized process makes choosing the right flooring simple, convenient, and enjoyable.


Floor Coverings International’s franchise business offers a mix of products that ensure we deliver a personalized and customized experience for the consumer. Our flooring franchise offers products from all of the top brands from around the world and continually add new products, ensuring that our customers have access to the very latest flooring materials, styles, colors, and textures.

“Floor Coverings International is raising the standard for customer service in the flooring industry. This speaks directly to my passion to provide outstanding customer service. I have a great desire to help people and this business gives me the opportunity to help people complete the flooring projects of their dreams.”
Arlan Brady, Floor Coverings International of Columbia East
“We liked their model and we liked their experience with in-home sales. We like the idea of bringing joy to people. Flooring is a big deal, and it’s a lot of money, being able to change up their home in an easy fashion where they don’t have to go from store to store.”
Ann and Greg Beriault, Floor Coverings International of Carmel
“I wasn’t ready to give up working all together. Floor Coverings International allowed me to stay home with my children while also running a successful business. It was the perfect opportunity”
Donna Teagle, Floor Coverings International of Wheaton
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