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The Opportunity with Floor Coverings International

The franchise marketplace is vastly different than only a couple decades prior, when fast-food franchises explicitly dominated the landscape. Though these franchise opportunities are still available in abundance, the franchise industry sectors have significantly expanded over the years. With the large amount of franchising opportunities available, it can be challenging for the entrepreneur to discover which franchise opportunity will best suit his capabilities and expectations.

The franchise industry contains numerous types of businesses. The top ten leading franchises in the U.S. alone span a wide array of industries, from hospitality to tax preparation services. So what makes the flooring industry a lucrative and fulfilling franchise business opportunity?

The flooring industry is vast, and highly fragmented; estimated at over $65B with the 50 top flooring businesses combined having barely 10% market share. These market conditions, along with the consumer demand for easy home improvement purchases create a business opportunity that is hard to match in other industries.

There is large demand for specialty affordable custom flooring as people continue to invest in the comfort, style and value of their homes. More and more customers are demanding specialized products from around the world. Customers want a design unique to them, utilizing dimension and mixed textures. Along with design leadership, they desire a high level of customer experience and service.

These factors, combined with the continuing challenges in the real estate market create a business opportunity in the flooring industry that is likely to continue for many years into the future. Property owners are staying in their homes longer and they want their homes to be comfortable, fashionable and well maintained. The franchise business opportunities from Floor Coverings International are perfectly positioned to continue and will allow us to remain the market leader for many years to come.

“Floor Coverings International is raising the standard for customer service in the flooring industry. This speaks directly to my passion to provide outstanding customer service. I have a great desire to help people and this business gives me the opportunity to help people complete the flooring projects of their dreams.”

Arlan Brady, Floor Coverings International of Columbia East

“We liked their model and we liked their experience with in-home sales. We like the idea of bringing joy to people. Flooring is a big deal, and it’s a lot of money, being able to change up their home in an easy fashion where they don’t have to go from store to store.”

Ann and Greg Beriault, Floor Coverings International of Carmel

“I wasn’t ready to give up working all together. Floor Coverings International allowed me to stay home with my children while also running a successful business. It was the perfect opportunity”

Donna Teagle, Floor Coverings International of Wheaton