The Ideal Candidate

Finding the perfect investment opportunity can be a real challenge. There are countless franchise opportunities out there to choose from, and you need to find the one that accurately aligns with your values and performs well in a market you have a general interest in. Floor Coverings International is great because it is a leader in its industry and is also part of the extremely large home improvement sector. You may be thinking, “Am I qualified to be a Floor Coverings International franchisee?,” and the answer is probably yes!

We take extra steps to make sure that all of our candidates are investing in the best possible opportunity for them, so we take the time to get to know everyone and determine if they have the franchisee qualifications we are looking for. When you decide that Floor Coverings International is a viable investment, we will talk with you to learn more about who you are. If our values align and you share goals for your business that agree with ours, we can move forward with the application process.

Franchisee Qualifications

What investing in a franchise ultimately requires is the ability to be a boss. Although we are a flooring franchise, our prospective franchisees do not need to have flooring experience. The art of running a Floor Coverings International is the same as a business – having the drive and the passion to make sure your business is successful – and the best thing about our concept is that when your business succeeds, you succeed with it.

The more you invest into your franchise – time, money, resources – the quicker you can expect a return on investment. People want to know that their investment offers a fast turnaround, so they can start making money. As time progresses and your franchise sees more success, the more hands-off you can be in the day-to-day operations.

You may be thinking,“How am I qualified to be a Floor Coverings International franchisee if I don’t have flooring experience?” When it comes to running a business, it is more about the operations than the product itself. Franchisees need to know how to run their business holistically, making sure your franchise stays on the best course for success. This is why we look for qualified people with sales and/or managerial experience. We want franchise owners to be strong leaders who can delegate, as opposed to people who want to get involved with every aspect of the business instead of supporting their team.

Franchisee Requirements

There are certain requirements to running a Floor Coverings International franchise. One of the biggest franchisee requirements is having the startup costs to get your franchise up and running. Like many brands, we do not offer financing for franchisees. However, we do offer some assistance in finding a way to get the money. Having the necessary financials in order is extremely important because you want to start your franchise on the right foot, and we do too. One of the biggest differentiators between a small business and a franchise is the predetermined costs that we offer. If you were to start a business on your own, you would never know exactly how much money you were putting into it.

These services are designed to promote an inbound strategy and help customers find you. As a mobile franchise, you may not have a lot of foot traffic at your location, but with these strategies, we can draw people to your franchise with flooring on their mind so that you have a higher chance of securing their business.

Am I Qualified to Be a Floor Coverings International Franchisee?

We are somewhat flexible with our qualifications for a franchisee. Ultimately, it comes down to your experience prior to Floor Coverings International and the passion you have for owning and investing in a business. If you are really passionate about investing in a brand that has room for you to expand in, a potentially fast ROI, and the capability of being as involved as you want and still having the confidence that operations are running smoothly, then a Floor Coverings International franchise is right for you.

If you would like to schedule a time to talk more about Floor Coverings International franchise, talk to us!

“Floor Coverings International is raising the standard for customer service in the flooring industry. This speaks directly to my passion to provide outstanding customer service. I have a great desire to help people and this business gives me the opportunity to help people complete the flooring projects of their dreams.”

Arlan Brady, Floor Coverings International of Columbia East

“We liked their model and we liked their experience with in-home sales. We like the idea of bringing joy to people. Flooring is a big deal, and it’s a lot of money, being able to change up their home in an easy fashion where they don’t have to go from store to store.”

Ann and Greg Beriault, Floor Coverings International of Carmel

“I wasn’t ready to give up working all together. Floor Coverings International allowed me to stay home with my children while also running a successful business. It was the perfect opportunity”

Donna Teagle, Floor Coverings International of Wheaton