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Starting a Flooring Business

Creating Success With Our Franchise Team

The Floor Coverings International business is built on the platform of a solid team of employees for the local owner. We call this the “executive model” – a business that is owner operated, but does not rely on the owner to do “everything” which allows it to grow.  When starting a flooring business, the essential pieces of our operating platform will rely on you for select top candidates to work for you and for you to help them reach their potential, thus creating a great business for you and a great business for your local community and customers. Our local franchisees rely on the following roles when starting a flooring business.

Design Associate

Inspiring your customers’ dreams 
Our Design Associates are highly skilled at inspiring the dreams our customers have for their homes. As design, materials and sales experts, they make the selection of new floors easy and convenient.

Your Design Associate meets your customers in their homes to discuss style, products and budget. They listen to what your customers need and what they love. They help select flooring samples to be viewed in your customers home, under actual lighting conditions, wall colors and furniture and accessories, removing altogether the guesswork that is required in a traditional flooring showroom. The result is a customized experience and a perfect flooring solution for each and every customer. When starting a flooring business, skilled and talented design associates will be fundamental to your business’ success.

Project Coordinator

Bringing your customers dream to life 
Floor Coverings International’s installation team is driven by one goal … bringing your customers dream for their home to life. The leader of this team and the person tasked with delivering this dream is your Project Coordinator.

Your Project Coordinator will interview, select and lead a team of expert locally contracted flooring installers who ensure that every project is delivered and installed meticulously and perfectly. As the captain of this team, the Project Coordinator is a trusted expert for both you and your customers.

Expertise and artisan craftsmanship culminate to deliver the home of your customer’s dreams. Your installation team will deliver an exceptional customer experience. They respect their home and family; come when they say they are coming; be done when they say they will be done; and minimize any inconveniences to your customers. Your Project Coordinator will ensure the quality of each and every installation.

Starting a flooring business demands the right people and support. With talented and dedicated team members, you may begin as a small business franchise but the lucrative possibilities are limitless.

Office Associate

Your Office Associate will be a critical part of your team, ensuring everything runs smoothly and customers are happy. The Office Associate position will also assist with scheduling customer appointments for your design associates and working with you on your overall marketing program. 

Are you ready for a career makeover? 

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“There is so much we can do for the homeowner and we get to meet great people and work our own hours. This was a real lifestyle change and so far, a great one.”

Tami Taylor, Floor Coverings International of Parker, CO

“Floor Coverings International is raising the standard for customer service in the flooring industry. This speaks directly to my passion to provide outstanding customer service. I have a great desire to help people and this business gives me the opportunity to help people complete the flooring projects of their dreams.”

Arlan Brady, Floor Coverings International of Columbia East

“We have grown so much closer working together and our relationship has expanded into so many shared interests. It’s not only a great career move; it has enriched our family and our lives.”

Anibal Dam, Floor Coverings International of West Houston