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Products at Floor Coverings International

A boutique experience

As a franchisee you will be able to offer your customers much more than other hardwood or carpet franchises; more than 3,000 flooring products from around the world. Each of these products can be shown to your customer in their own home and we continually adds new products ensuring that your customers have access to the very latest flooring materials, styles, colors and textures.

Your list of top flooring franchise products will include:


Soft, warm and comfortable under your feet – customers LOVE carpet. Carpet comes in an almost endless array of colors and styles for the look and feeling your customers want. Textures are plush, tailored, or patterned to bring out the personality of almost any room. Your Design Associate will help your customers review the best carpet options for their desired style and budget. But we’re much more than a simple carpet franchise.

Hardwood Flooring

Sleek. Cozy. And everything in between. A luxurious look and a solid feel. Hardwood is our fastest growing product category and we’ve got 1,000’s of products for you to offer to your customers! The variety of species and finishes available make hardwood flooring adaptable, durable and affordable. Your Design Associate will design a custom hardwood flooring pattern that fits your customers room perfectly. Diagonal, herringbone, borders, and other patterns add interest to a room and take a hardwood floor from beautiful to extraordinary.

Natural Stone and Tile

Personalized. Unique. Adaptable enough for almost any space, ceramic tile and natural stone such as granite, slate, and marble are among the most versatile flooring materials available – and your customers will LOVE them. A wide range of textures, colors, and tones provide a palette for almost endless design possibilities. Your Design Associate will create the perfect look for your customers home using natural stone or tile flooring in patterns ranging from simple lines to more elaborate options customized for each room.

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“There is so much we can do for the homeowner and we get to meet great people and work our own hours. This was a real lifestyle change and so far, a great one.”

Tami Taylor, Floor Coverings International of Parker, CO

“Floor Coverings International is raising the standard for customer service in the flooring industry. This speaks directly to my passion to provide outstanding customer service. I have a great desire to help people and this business gives me the opportunity to help people complete the flooring projects of their dreams.”

Arlan Brady, Floor Coverings International of Columbia East

“We have grown so much closer working together and our relationship has expanded into so many shared interests. It’s not only a great career move; it has enriched our family and our lives.”

Anibal Dam, Floor Coverings International of West Houston